Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov. 2nd, No Subject

So this week was really good here in Riberalta. This past weekend we
had a baptism and it went really well. Everything went pretty smooth
for a baptism. But the next day for her confirmation, she didn't show
up for church. My comp and I were pretty nervous. She showed up as
they were doing the closing prayer for the sacrament meeting. Luckily
our president gave us permission to confirm her in Sunday School. But
she is going to be a great convert. She's only 12 but she comes to
church every week by herself. She told us that she really likes the
the things she learns in church and the Young women's organization is
visiting her a lot. We are trying to activate the rest of her family
but the parents are very busy.

This week we really just focused on her baptism but we also did some
other things. We have been planning a lot of activities for the
branch. Every week we have at least one activity. I've pretty much ran
out of ideas but we are going to keep having one every week. People
are really willing to come to the activities when there is free food.
This next week we are going to have a night of postres. Its going to
be a good activity. When there are activities in this branch, the
attendance in church goes up.

Two of our investigators that we were teaching just disappeared, so we
have been trying to figure out what happened with them. One just left
to Santa Cruz and we don't know if he will come back and the other we
have no clue what happened with him. We are just going to do a lot of
contacting now and try to find some people who will progress.

That's about all that happened this week.
Elder Britt

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