Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept. 28th, Dengue and Kidney Stones

So this week was a pretty boring week. My comp and I both got sick this week. On Monday we were going to leave to work after p-day and my comp told me he felt pretty sick and hurt. So we went to the hospital and they told him he had kidney stones. They told him he had to rest until Thursday. So on Tuesday I went on exchanges with my district leader so that we could go to some of our visit we had planned. But on Wednesday I stayed in the house with my comp. Thursday we went out and worked normally. We had a good activity that night and a lot of members went. We had some new investigators go. We played a game and then I shared a message about putting on the armor of God.

But that night I started feeling really sick and then went to the hospital on Friday. They did a blood exam and told me that I had dengue. Its a horrible sickness that's from mosquitoes. Pretty much I just layed in bed Friday until Sunday looking at the wall because I couldn't move. Dengue just makes your entire body hurt and you don't really want to move. My arms just felt so heavy that I couldn't lift them.  I went to church on Sunday but it was hard to be there for 3 hours with it. I'm still a little sick with it. Only my arms and chest hurt now so Ill be able to work tonight!
It was a pretty boring week to just be in the house. I really hope that we will be able to work hard this week. I had a lot of time to study though which was nice.
Elder Britt

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept. 21st, Calor!

This week has been going really well. We have had some really good new investigators. We opened this area and there was only 1 investigator in the entire area. But this area we were able to visit with 3 new families we found and we have planned this week to visit with another 3. We can tell that there are some people we have found that will progress really well. One of them is the Justiniano family. They were really glad that we could find them and the wife told us after our second visit with them that she was really grateful we found them.
Also yesterday at church a new person came up to us and told us he wanted to get baptized. He said he met with the missionaries once a while ago and he wants us to go visit him. We are going to visit him on Tuesday and we are going to see how it goes.
But our area seems like it is just less active. When we contact street literally every other house is less actives. It seems like missionaries get here and just baptized everybody, they were active for awhile and then just became less active. The work here really is just reactivating people.
The work here is going really well. We are going to rescue some people.

Jacob 4:10 - "Wherefore, brethren, seek not to counsel the Lord, but to take counsel from his hand." I found this in my person study this morning and I liked it a lot. It made me think a lot.
Elder Britt
At about 5 here people start burning their trash and leaves so everyday when we leave after dinner, its just extremely smokey.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept. 14th, Transferred, Opening Area, Finishing Training

So I got a crazy transfer. I'm in a city called Riber alta. THIS PLACE IS CRAZY. I love it a ton though. I've really enjoyed this place since Friday. It was really hard saying goodbye to my last area. My zone leaders told me I was going to get transferred on Tuesday and that my flight was going to leave Thursday morning. I had an entire day to say good bye to all of the people there. It was really sad and I'm going to miss them a lot. My flight took about 2 hours to go from the city to Riber Alta. Its really far from the city. This place is like a different world. There is soooo much red dirt every where. Every day when I get to the house my shoes are covered in red dirt and also my shirt is just filthy. All the elders placks out here are red from all the dirt. That's probably what going to happen to my plack. Ill send a picture of it when it gets to that point. My comp is elder Huallpa. Hes from Peru. I'm finishing the training of him. Hes already been out 1 transfer but training last for 2 so I'm doing the last transfer for him. I'm also opening an area out here. There is pretty much nothing in our area book. There is only 1 investigator and about 6 less actives in the book. There really only is one less active but another elder showed us a lot of other less actives that weren't in the area book. So far we know about 20. All we do is pretty much visit less actives but I'm going to start looking for some investigators. Oh its also SUPER HOT out here. I do not stop sweating. I also could only bring one suitcase so I had to leave some of my stuff in the city in the assistant's house. I'm pretty sure that suitcase is going to get destroyed with mold when I get back to the city. There is so much mold in Bolivia. I brought all of my crappy stuff out here to get destroyed.
So far we have been teaching a lot of less actives. That's pretty much the work out here. A lot of the people say that they will go to church and they are going no matter what but then don't come. We try and pass by all of them but they just don't go. We found one less active called Richard Heredia. He is a really good guy. We are going to get him to go out on the mission. Hes 22 and we had a really good lesson with him. We had a member come with us for that lesson and at the end of the lesson he asked if he could come with us to the lessons. He already wants to help visit other people.
We also found the Pinto family. We have already visited with them 2 times in the 3 days that I've worked here. They're very worried about their kids. They have started to have a lot of problems with the word of wisdom. We are going to visit with their kids on Saturday to help them out.
I really love it out here in Riber Alta. There's so much work to do out here and so many people to help. Its great being out here. I've only been here for a little time so we haven't done too much but we have already gotten the confidence of a lot of people. Its going to be a good transfer out here.

Elder Britt


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sept. 7th, Rest

So this week has been a lot of time in the house studying. I got sick on Tuesday and just rested for one day and then my comp got sick on Saturday so we have just been resting a lot. I feel pretty restless being in the house for so long but Ive just been studaying a lot. I dont know if we are going to be able to work a lot at the start of this next week. My comp is still pretty sick so we will have to see. 
I was able to go on an exchange this past week to one of my old areas with Elder Fuentes. It was so nice to see everybody from my old area. I was really happy to visit the Guzman family. We made some food with them and had a really good time. When my comp was on the exchange they found some new investigators that we are going to visit this week. He said that they were really good so Im pretty excited to visit them.
Thats about all that has happened this week. We didnt do too much due to sicknesses. 
Elder Britt
Pic 1. So our area is just like a big farm. I see sooooo many cows, pigs, and chickens everyday. 
Pic 2. That the Guzman family. I love that family. 
Pic 3. That was a HUGE spider we found in the house when we woke up one morning. It was a lot bigger than my hand. It was giant.