Monday, November 9, 2015

Nov. 9th, District Conference

So this week was really good. The president and his wife came to
Riberalta this past week for our District Conference. It was a really
good conference and he talked very strongly and clearly to the members
here. He only talked about the 10 commandments but it was very
powerful. A lot of the members liked it a lot even though it was very
direct. He mainly talked about the problems with having other gods
above God and not keeping the Sabbath day holy. He told us personally
that if the members here understood the importance of keeping the
Sabbath day holy, Riberalta would be a stake and not a district.

But we had a really good multizone conference with him. It was just
Riberalta and Guayaramarin. He pretty much just told us that we always
need to be excited to work and always have a good attitude to help the
members. It was a short conference and then he took us to go eat a
really good lunch.

We also have a new person with a baptism date. Jimmy told us that he
wanted to get baptized. He said that in his church, somebody lost the
tithing and because of that he wants to leave them and join our
church. He said he really likes the Book of Mormon and really wants to
join the church. My only fear is that he will find a problem like that
in the future and leave the church. We are going to have to make sure
that he is ready to be baptized and the he has a strong testimony.

Also this week I ate some crocodile. It was actually pretty good. The
people here like to give you food and lie to you and then tell you
what they actually gave you when you are done eating. When they gave
us the food they told us that it was just fish but when we finished
they told us what it really was. It has happened to me many times
before and I've eaten heart and liver without knowing. But everything
weird that I've eaten here was pretty good.

But that's about all for this week!
Elder Britt

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