Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov. 16th, No Subject

So this week was good for us. We had a lot of good lessons with some
of our less actives. Right now one of them are passing through some
big problems. One of the sisters has cancer and she doesn't know where
to get the money for her treatment. We are trying to help her so she
will be alright. The lessons we have with her are very powerful but
also very sad.

Right now we don't have any investigators that are progressing really.
We lost contact of Jimmy. He was living with the pinto family but I
guess the pinto family kicked him out or he got mad at them and left.
So we were hoping that he would still go to church yesterday but he
didn't show up. We don't have a way to contact him right now. We are
hoping that we can find a way to get in contact with him. Right now we
are really focusing on a part member family, the Ribas family. Angel
is 26 and his wife, estafania is 22. The biggest problems we are
facing with them is that they haven't gone to church yet. They always
tell us that something came up and they couldn't go. They
told us for next week that they want us to pass by right when church
is starting and make them go. Hopefully we can get them to go this
next Sunday. We usually pass by in the morning to remind them but our
church starts at 3 in the afternoon and normally something happens in
that time.

This past Saturday we had a really good activity. We watched the
testaments in our chapel and all of the organization made some sweets.
We were able to have some new investigators go and some less actives
go. It was a successful activity. Right now we are planning 3 more
activities. Our branch is progressing pretty well.

Well that's about all for this week.
Elder Britt

The people here ALWAYS shove you face in cakes.

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