Monday, November 23, 2015

Nov. 23rd, No Subject

So this week was a normal week for us. We were able to find a new
family that has some potential to progress. They have a lot of
problems in their family but are willing to do anything to fix the
problems that they have. That was the reason why they were willing to
visit with us. When we invited them to pray at the end of the lesson,
they did it without saying, oh the next time, or I want to hear your
comp pray.  They just learned and did it. I think it was one of the
first times that's ever happened in the mission.

So this week we visited the Ribas family a lot. We are working really
hard to get the sister active and her husband baptized. They both are
really excited to keep learning and going to church. They have 2 young
kids who are special. That was a thing that was stopping them from
going to church earlier. But we told them just to bring their kids and
everything would be alright. They went to church and about 2 months of
teaching them. Hopefully we can get them to keep going.

Not too much has happened. We are planning a new activity to do 
dances of Riberalta. The branch is making us do a dance too. We have
to do one called el torito. It should be fun!

Elder Britt

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