Monday, April 25, 2016

Apr. 25th, No Subject

This week was a great week for us in Paititi 3. We have seen a lot of
great things happening in our area. More than anything this week we
found a ton of new people to teach and we have a lot of people who
accepted a baptism date. We have about 16 people who have accepted to
get baptized on the 28th of May and the 11th of June. These 16 people
come from about 2 big familes. 3 couples and a single person. Each of
them are very receptive and have a great potential to make it to their
date. The ward has already made a lot of plans which will help us a
lot with their progression. So everything is going really well in our

This week we had a great conference with Elder Calderon who is an area
70. But it was a great confrence and he focused a lot of the doctrine
of Christ. We did a lot of focus on baptism and how we help people
understand the importance of baptism and how we can resolve their
doubts. It was a great confrence for us.

But that's about all that is happening here. We are just trying really
hard to get these people ready for their baptism dates.

Elder Britt

Apr. 18th, No Subject

This was another good week for us in Trinidad.

Currently we are working with about 10 families in a neighborhood
that's called Virgen de Rosario. This place is super far away. We have
to take a mototaxi for like 20-25 minutes to get to this place. There
are four families who are progressing pretty well over there. We are
going to get all of these four families together in the next week so
we can talk to them about marriage. We are going to try and get all of
them married on May 7th and hopefully baptized the same day. Its going
to be a lot of hard work trying to get them all prepared for that day
but I think we will be able to do it.

We also have some other families in another part of our area that are
progressing pretty well. But we are still trying to know these
families and help them out as we can.

For these next few days I'm going to be with a new companion on
exchanges. We are having a  area 70 come tomorrow so a few elders are
flying to Trinidad today. My comp is going to go with one elder in one
part of our area and Ill be in another area with a different elder. It
should be interesting.

But that's about it.
Elder Britt

One of those pictures is Virgen de Rosario. Its pretty much in the
middle of a farm and its super super small. We are pretty much
visiting everybody that lives there.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Apr. 11th, Contacting

So this week went by really quickly but it was full of a ton of work.
My comp and I are getting along well. I'm having a good time training
him. But its hard to open this area. Our area book is empty. So we
couldn't find almost anybody that the other elders were teaching. Its
just been a week of full contacting and looking for people to teach.
Luckily some members knew where the investigators were living and
showed us their houses. There is a small neighborhood out in the
middle of no where that we are going to visit called Virgen de
Rosario. Its SUPER far but there's like 10 families who are
investigators. So we take like a 30 minute trip to go and visit them.
But they all seem pretty good.

But everything is going well in our new area. We don't get lost now and
we have already gotten the trust of the people we visit and we are
starting to work really well with them now. There is a lot of work and
potential in our area. Hopefully we will be able to start working well
and hard in our new area.

Elder Britt