Monday, April 27, 2015

Apr. 27th, No Subject

This week was really good. We worked really hard and got a lot of lessons this week. We found a new family this week. La hermana Lusia y El hermano Aurelio. They  are a really good family that love hearing us. We showed up to one of our lessons about 10 mintues late and they were worried we werent going to show up. They are progressing pretty well for a new investigator.

We did visit Alext a lot this week. We decided to set a date for him to get baptized and he accepted to get baptized the 16th of may. The only problem we have with him is that we have to get permession for him to get baptized still. But he still really wanted to get baptized. He is still really excited everytime we visit him. He loves our visits. 

We are also teaching the Roman family a lot. They are really going well but the dad is struggling a little bit to accept some of the stuff. But with each lesson, he is learning more and more.

Thats about all that happened this week but we should be getting a lot of lesson this week!

Elder Britt

Monday, April 20, 2015

Apr. 20th, No Subject

This week was really good. Saturday we had a baptism of 2 kids. My comp baptized one and I baptized the other. My comp went first and when it came to my turn the kid started crying. He got in the water and was like, The water comes up to my chest! Im going to drowned! I cant do it! and the whole time his other brother was yelling and him to just do it and stop being a girl. It was a really funny experience. He was really excited for his baptism until he had to get int the water to do it but afterwards he told us he was really happy and felt really good! Those 2 kids are my favorite.

This week we also had Elder Waddell from the 70 to our mission. It was a really good confrence. He pretty much just talked about our purpose as missionaries that we are here to baptize converts so that they will be able to go to the temple and have eternal families. It was a really good conference.

We also have a family the is progressing really well. The Rom├ín family. Their daughter who is 16 is pretty much a member. But now the whole family is listening to us. We taught the all of lesson ones and helped the father out a lot. He asked us to prepare a special lesson for the next visit because they are fighting a lot. So we thought, we have to give talks in church tomorrow and we told them that we would prepare a special talk for their children and we wont make it too obvious. So we actually got them to come to church yesterday. They told us they didnt really want to because they like going to the catholic church but because of our talk they came. The family is progressing really well. 

Thats about all that happened this week. We have a family night with the Roman family so Im really looking forward to that! 

Elder Britt

The water for the baptism was really dirty too. It reminds me of my first baptism.

Also theres a group of people called cholitas that just sell things on the street. I was looking at some of the stuff she was selling. If you look really closely you can find something really funny she was selling. She was selling a book of mormon for 4 pesos! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Apr 13th, No Subject

This week went by really fast.
On Thursday night my comp woke me up and told me he was feeling really sick. He was shaking a lot. So we decided to wait till the morning to go to the hospital and it turns out he has some crazy new disease from a mosquito. So we havent really been able to work a lot this week because of that but he has been getting a lot better. Ive had a lot of person study time this week and learned a lot it wasnt too bad being stuck in the house.
This week we did find an old investigator, Alex. We taught him about the atonement and it was really powerful. We taught him almost everyday this week when we were able to work. Everytime we were making another visit he told us that he wanted us to come back tomorrow. He has a lot of bad feeling about the things that he did and we taught him about the atonement and how he can be free from all the bad feelings that he has. Im pretty sure that was the biggest reason why he wanted us to come teach him so much. His face was amazing when we taught him that lesson. It was a really good lesson.
This week we should also be having 2 baptisms on Saturday. They were kind of a surprise baptism. We are going to baptize 2 kids that are 9 and 8. Their mom just got to bolivia and they didnt have permission to get baptized. So when she got here she told us that she wanted them to get baptized and so we pretty much taught them all the lessons this week too.
Also, our investigator Dayana is progressing really well. Now we are able to focus in her family. We are now able to visit with her father. Missionaries have been trying to visit with him for over a year and now he is finally listening to us. His biggest doubt was about the missionaries. He thought that we were just really weird people and that we were really young. We are going to have a lesson with him tonight, even though my comp is really sick, and we are going to explain to him the book of mormon. Dayana told us that he had a lot of doubts about the book of mormon, where it came from, and Joseph Smith. This lesson is going to be really important so I hope it goes alright.
Thats about all that happened this week,
Elder Britt
There are also a lot of people in el torno with mud ovens. I feel like this place is a few hundred years behind.
My comp in the hospital too! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Apr 6th, No Subject

This week was super good. It was really fun watching all of the general confrence. We were able to watch all of it in english. We werent able to watch it the priesthood session at all because we live 1 hour from the stake center and it started at 8 so we had to be in our house at that time. But it was really good. One of my favorite talks from the session was in the Saturday afternoon by Elder Wilfrod Anderson when he compared the gospel to music. That talk was really good and I liked it a lot.

This week was really crazy. We had a lot of crazy experiences, some spiritual and other not so much. First off, all the people in El Torno are crazy religious. We saw a lot of people this week carrying giant crosses and then a bunch of people behind them follow them. It was really weird. A lot of people were really drunk this week so it was kind of hard to have lessons. 

We also found a really good investigator this week. We were contacting and we made a visit to come back in a few days and visit with all of their family. We came back and woman we talked to wasnt there but her husband was. We never even talked to him before and he just told us to come in he got 3 chairs for us and we sat down and talked. It was really weird but he is really interested in the gospel. We are going to have another lesson with him tomorrow!

But thats about all that happened this week

Elder Britt