Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25th, No Subject

This week was really good but not that much happened.

The rain is killing all of our lessons here. When it starts to rain pretty much people just stop everything and dont want to do anything. We have continued visiting alex and we arent sure if hes going to get baptized this week. There is a small chance. But his mom just wants him to think a little more about what he is doing and then he will give him permission to be baptized. So there is a small chance it can happen friday but if not itll probably be next week. 

We are also teaching this less active family and things are going pretty well with them. We are reactivating them and helping them put goals to go to the temple. We are hoping everything goes well with them. We feel like they have some problems they arent telling us but we hope everything goes alright.

We went to the zoo this week and I have a lot of cool pictures but my adaptor broke and I cant send them but next week Ill for sure send them.

Thats about everything that happened this week. Not too much. 

Elder Britt

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18th, No Subject

This week was really good. We started the rainy and cold season here. Its pretty difficult to have lessons in that weather but we did pretty well!

We had some really good lessons this week with Alexander. He is progressing really well and I think he will get baptized. We leave him 1 chapter to read in the book of mormon and when we come back the next day he has read 4 chapters. He loves us visiting him and he wants us to visit him almost everyday. He is one of the best investigatores Ive had. He even told us that he wants to do what we do and preach, or he wants to go on a mission. If we can get permission from his parents. He will for sure get baptized. 

We also had branch conference yesterday. It was really nice because a lot of the leaders from the stake came. I was able to see a lot of people from my old area which was really nice. We also had a really good branch conference. A lot of the less actives came to it. 

Thats about all the big news. We are still visiting with luisa y aurelio. They are progressing really well still but they dont really want to come to church. Hopefully we can get them to come next week.

Thats all that really happened this week. We are going to go to a zoo in Santa Cruz. I feel really weird wearing jeans and a shirt again!

Elder Britt

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11th, Transfers!

Not too much happened this week so its probably going to be a short email.

This week my Elder Zaldívar was transferred to Trinidad. So he had to travel by airplane to get there. I got my new comp. Hes really cool. He is from Bolivia from a city called Oruro. I don't know to much about him still. We have had a few lessons this week with some random contacts and the lessons go really well. We teach very well together. 

We haven't been able to get a hold of any of our investigators that were progressing really well this week. But we did have a lot of really good lessons with some new people this week. Hopefully we will get some good lessons this week and have a lot of progression with our investigators.

Elder Britt

All those ants were outside our wall. We got rid of them though!

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th, No Subject

This week was really good. We did have some hard time finding people to teach this week. A lot of people told us to just come back tomorrow and we couldnt find them.

We did start teaching a part member family this week. They are the palacio family. The husband is a really old less active and her wife is an investigator that comes to church almost every week. We have tried visiting them so many times but the husband is a taxi driver that works almost all day. But finally we were able to find them. We had a really powerful lesson with them and we were able to visit them 2 times this week. I think we will finally be able to teach them now.

We also have been able to visit a lot with alex. we have started to read the book of mormon with him. We leave just one chapter for him to read and the next day we come back and hes read like 4 chapters. He is progressing really well. Im pretty sure he will be baptized if we can just get the permission from his parents. 

We are still trying to contact a lot in this area but its pretty hard. We can almost always get a visit with somebody to come back and teach them but they are almost never there. We did get a lot of references to a lot of less actives and part member families yesterday in ward council.

I'm looking forward to this week! 

Elder Britt