Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nov. 30th, Washing Motos!

So this week was really good for us. We were able to start visiting
with some new less activies and part member families we found. Some of
them even went to church yesterday. Hopefully we will be able to see
some more progess with them this week!

The big thing that we did this week was we had a big service project.
We were washing everybodies motos for free. I was in charge of yelling
at the people that we were washing free. It was actually pretty fun. I
lost my voice by the end of it. I was yelling for about 2 hours. But
thanks to the service we got a total of 50 refrences for all of
Riberalta and 6 refrences for our area. We havent had time to contact
them this week but we are going to do it this week. We also have
gotten some good refrences this past week with people who are really
interested in the gospel so we are going to make sure to contact all
of these people this week.

But this week we planned to do an activity. On saturday, each
organization is going to prepare a dance from bolivia. I have to dance
in the activity. We are going to do a dance called El Torito. Pretty
much, theres one person dressed up as a bull and everybody else dances
around the bull and whips it lightly. Knowing the branch Im in, they
are probably going to choose me to be the bull, so that should be fun.

Right now there are a lot of less actives we are teaching that are
going through a ton of problems, we are doing our best to help them.
They are problems that a normal person would never have to go through.
I really hope that I will be capable to help them with my comp.

But thats about all that has happened this week!

Love you guys,
Elder Britt

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