Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug. 31st, Activities!

So this week was pretty good. We have been talking a lot in ward concil about doing activities so this week we had 2 good activities that we are going to be doing every week. What we are doing is a night of brotherhood. I think thats what it is in english. We pretty much just play some games at the church and then we give a spiritual thought. We had about 20 people come for the first week of doing and everybody said that they had a really good time and are going to be coming back next week. We are hoping that more people will invite their friends and we can get some new investigators through this activity. We also started teaching an english class every saturday night. There are a lot of people that want to learn english here so we started a class. Not to many people came for the first class but we are going to keep working hard to get people to go. But we really hope that with these 2 activities we can get more of the members here active and our investigators can become friends with the members here but we are going to see how they go.

This week we found two less active families in our area. The Torrico family and the Zuñaga family. The torrico family are really excited to come back to church but the problem they have is that the work all night everyday taking the feathers out of chickens. Sunday morning they are very tired from working all night so we are going to see how we can help this family. Then the Zuñaga family arent as excited to go back to church. They are very shy people and dont like talking to people. Its going to be hard to get them to go back but we are going to do our best

We did drop some of our investigators this past week. We were really sad to drop Alexander. We asked him if he still wanted us to visit with him and he told us not too much but we should come back in a month so hopefully he will be ready for us in a week. But we are visiting with 2 new families that we found these past few weeks. the gamboa family and el hermano acenciano. They have potential to progress. We havent really been able to find any investigators in our area that progress but we are really hoping these 2 families will start to progress. 

Thats about all thats been happening this week. We are going to keep contacting all the houses in our area.

Elder Britt

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