Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug. 24th, Contacting

So this week has been pretty rough finding people to teach. There was a few days that we couldn't get a single person and did A LOT of walking. We have dedicated a ton of time to contacting. We are dedicating about 3-5 hours a day just to contacting. Its been pretty hard to get new people to teach. We don't get a lot of referrals from the members here and so we are pretty much alone trying to find new people.

We decided that we are going to try and visit a lot of the members and recent converts. We are going to try and get them really strong so that they will be able to help us. Honestly if we find somebody new the branch isn't strong enough to keep those new people. We are just trying to make sure that all the other members are strong to retain all the other people.

We did have another good lesson with the Polanco family. They are still destroyed from what happened to there daughter. We watched a Mormon message with them about the guy who got in a car crash with a drunk driver and his wife and 2 children died. They were really able to see that when they pray they receive the help they need. Almost every time we teach, they always just end up crying very hard. They tell us a lot that we are helping them a lot. Its really nice being able to visit and help this family. 

That's about all that happened this week. We are just going to keep knocking doors trying to find new people to teach out here. 

Elder Britt 

These are some pictures of activities that we did in the past 2 weeks here. The last one in my favorite member out here. His name is Luis Miguel. He doesn't live in our area but he is a really good member. 

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