Monday, August 10, 2015

Aug. 10th, Contacts!

So this week was really good. We pretty much have just been doing contacts this week. We have been doing hours of contacting. We havent seen to much progress but we did get a few new investigatores this week.

This week we finally set a date for the Galarsa family. We set it for september 5th. They are pretty far from being ready so we have about a month to get them ready for that date. They like learning from us and like us visiting them but they dont really want to go to church so thats what we need to focus on. But they are progressing pretty well. 

This week we were really focusing on the Sangary family. The father has a problem with drinking beer. We have been trying to do everything to get him to stop but hes still struggling with him. We are trying to pass by everyday to see how he is. Sometime his wife will tell us that hes out drinking and so we go look for him and try and take him to his house to get him to stop drinking. Its really sad to see how sad the entire family is when he drinks. We are trying to get him to stop 100%. He told us that he really wants to stop but just cant so we are trying to help him with that. 

Not too much happened this week. We are going to keep searching EVERYWHERE for new investigatores. We are trying to come up with some new methods to contact.

Love you guys, 
Elder Britt

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