Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug. 3rd, Funeral

So this week we had our transfers. Like I already knew my comp was going to be Elder Mell and I was going to stay in El Torno. Hes a really good guy from Arizona. He has about 8 months in the mission and we are working really hard out here in el Torno. Hes a really good guy and its really really nice to have a white guy as a companion now. We get along really well and teach together really well.

So this week we had a weird experience. So we were walking by a plaza on friday and a member told us that another member had died. It turns out this member killed himself because of a girl and was only 20 years old. So it was a really big suprise for the family and all of his friends. So this member told us that we need to go. The only people in this family who are members are the mom and his brother. When we showed up, their family was very angry. They were not happy at all the we were there. So we just kept going because we wanted to help this mom and brother. We felt like we were going to have to say something when we were walking to the last part of the funeral. We really didnt want to say anything because we werent really welcomed and pretty much everybody there was really catholic. So we tried to stay in the back and not be noticed. When we got there, the mom saw that we were there and called us up to the front. She wanted us to offer a prayer. I looked at my comp and he just told me, you got this one. So I had to offer a prayer and I felt like a did a really bad job. There was about 50-60 people there so I was pretty nervous and I felt like I did a bad job on the prayer. After the prayer we pretty much just waited for a second a left. I felt happy we were there to help the mom and his brother feel better. Later on sunday was fast and testimony meeting. She spoke and said that she was so happy that we were there to help here and said that the prayer I offered was really beautiful and helped her out a lot. Shes going through so many problems right now. I was just really glad that I could be there to help here with this problem shes having.

Sunday night we had a family home evening with her and a lot of the branch members went to help her. It was a very spiritual family home evening.

Thats really about the only thing that happened this week. It was a pretty good week and we are going to work hard this week!

Elder Britt

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