Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29th, No Subject

So this week was my birthday and a lot of members did a lot of nice things for me this week. The area that Im in is very humble but some families made some small sacrificies and did some small stuff for me. First of it was a lot of peoples birthdays in the zone so when we went to district meeting they bought a cake for all of us. After the district meeting we stopped by a big store and bought 2 giant pizzas. They were soooooo good. After that a members did a few things for me. Our pension made us tacos to celebrate too. They were also really good! It was a good birthday in general.

This week the work was a little bit slow. We had some hard time finding people to teach. This week we went back to another really small town called angostura and found some more families. Its about 40 minutes from El Torno so we are trying to go about every saturday because its so far. We have found four families in that city and they are all progressing pretty well. The hardest thing for us out there is that we are really far from El Torno so on sunday people dont really want to go to church. They would rather walk 2 minutes and go to a catholic church than pay for a bus ride, travel 40 minutes to el torno and then travel back to angostura after the meetings. We are hoping that they will come.

We have decided to drop a lot of our investigatores in El Torno though. They have been listening to missionaries for a long time but dont ever progress. We are going to try and just find some new people to teach in El Torno. 

Thats about all that heppened this week. It was a pretty good week. 

Elder Britt

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