Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15th, No Subject

So this morning I had a small operation on my eye. Ive had a stye in my eye for about 3 months now. I went to the hospital and they were just like, yeah, nothing is happening with the cream we gave you. Lets just cut it out. So they numbed my eye up and cut it out. I have a huge eye patch on my eye and its really hard to read all the emails I got. Ill be able to take my eye patch off at 3 in the afternoon.
This week had a really good multi zone conference. President pretty much changed the entire meeting. He was going to talk about the sabbath day but at the last minute he changed the whole meeting to Alma 39. He was pretty much talking to all the disobedient elders trying to help them. He talked about how a good elder doesnt just all of a sudden become disobedient. He doesnt go from white to black over night. He slow changes and them becomes disobedient. The only bad thing about the confrences is that we have to wake up at 4 in the morning to go to them because we live so far away. But it was a really good meeting.
This week I wasnt able to work in my area that much. Im pretty much just going with 2 other elders to there area. We have had some really good lessons in their area but I still dont know the people to well. We are having our transfers on Thursday. I think there is a good chance that I might go. Ive already have 4 and a half months in this area and 8 month in the zone. I dont know whats going to happen this transfer.
Not too much happened this week. I hope Ill stay in my area and have a good new comp to work with.
Elder Britt
This week a lot of members gave us a ton of food too. It was really good. And the elders that im with had a baptism so that was really fun too. 

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