Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1st, No Subject

This week was really  good and we are having a lot of progress in our area.

This week on wednesday, one of our investigatores was going to have his baptism interview with our district leader to be baptized on friday. He called us a 30 minutes before his interview and told us that he didnt want to do it and he would think more about getting bapitzed. So we went to visit him on friday with a really good member. He talked pretty much the whole time and I didnt have to do any talking. He just talked about how he already has a testimony and should just get baptized and how he can be an example for his friend and help them and even baptize them when they are ready. He really got him excited to be baptized again and he should be getting baptized this friday. He is really prepared and im really excited to see him get baptized. 

We also have been working a lot with 2 recent converts, the sangary family and ramirez family. They are 2 families that are going throught a lot of problems, mainly with the fathers of the family. The fathers have pretty much stopped coming to church and the wives are really sad. We visited both families a lot this week and they both came to church this week in a really long time. The two of them are doing really well and progressing a lot. We really are trying to get them to go to the temple and be sealed. The wives of these two family really want to go to the temple but their husbands arent doing the things they should to go. We are helping them a lot.

Thats about all that happened this week. I really hope that we are going to have that baptism this week.

Elder Britt

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