Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6th, COLD

So this week has been extremely cold. This letter is pretty hard to type because my hands are so cold. We have had a little bit of problem with the cold. We usually go to somebodies door and then they answer and ask us, why are you guys out in the cold?? Go to your house its freezing outside! You guys can come back when its not so cold! So we have had a few people reject us because its been so cold and rainy. This week should be the same weather so hopefully it will can find a few people to teach this week.

My comp is really good. He has about 6 months in the mission but is really quite. He doesnt talk that much in the lesson or in the streets. I pretty much do all the talking in the lessons now which is alright but it was a little weird in the beginning. But the lessons we have with him are really good.

This week we had a lot of interesting lessons. We started teaching a new family this week called the Polanco family. I feel like hes really testing what I know as a missionary. He always asks me the weirdest questions and ive been able to answer almost all of them. He asks me question like, lets say im in a place where there isnt your church, should I just go to a Jehovas Witness or should I just stay at home? He always just pulls out the weirdest questions but Ive been able to answer all of them! Pretty much our lessons are we teach one simple doctrine and then he asks us about 5 random questions that kind of relate to that doctrine. We teach another doctrine and then more questions. He told us that he agrees with everything that we have taughten him but he has so many more questions for us. He told us that we would come to church this next sunday. He told us that the only thing he doesnt like about out church is that we dont have a pastor that just teaches from the bible and that the member give the messages. He thinks its a little different but can get use to it. I think he might be able to progress pretty well even though he has so many doubts. 

This week we have also been visiting a recent convert a lot. They have a lot of problems with the family and money problems. They told us that the father owes money to about 4 different banks and they are a really poor family. They also have a lot of problems in their family and they dont really get a long. It was really weird teaching them. Pretty much I just shared a lot of stories with them that Ive read from the confrences about families that have applied the gospel in their family and it has helped them a ton. The first night that they visited them, everybody was really mad with each other and pretty much everybody was fighting, especially the husband and wife. The next day we went back to visit and everybody was a lot happier and we had a really good visit. The wife in the end asked for forgiveness for everythings and they were all really happy. They told us that they would all start reading and praying together. It was a really good lesson.

Overall this week we didnt have to many lessons but I felt like we helped a lot of people this week. It was a pretty good week. 

Elder Britt

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