Friday, February 27, 2015

Jan 26th, No Subject

Hey everyone!

This week we had a lot of good things happen and some bad things. The bad thing that happened was that our baptism for Silvio fell through

We went to visit silvio ochoas house to visit him and prepare him more for his baptism. When we went there to visit him, all of his family was there, even his wife. We have never had a visit with the wife before. Usually if the wife is home, she will reject us. I dont know what happened this time, but she let us in and we talked for a bit. That day she asked us if we were allowed to drink Coca Cola. She thought it was against the word of wisdom. So we decided to teach the word of wisdom to all of his family. We had taught the word of wisdom before to Silvio, he told us that he didnt have any problem with it. This time when we taught it, he told us he had a problem with smoking. That lesson was a little bit sad but also a miracle. Now we are able to teach his whole family and they can progress as a family.

We also met with Jose Feliciano a little bit. Its really hard to meet with him. He always cancels our visits with him. We were able to visit with him and talk about his desires about learning the gospel. He still wants to continue 

I dont remember if I have told you guys. But our area doubled in size a few weeks ago. We have been really busy trying to meet with our new investigators, less acitves, and recent converts. We are going to be going with a member wednesday to show us the area.

This week should be really busy!

Elder Britt

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