Friday, February 27, 2015

Feb 14th, Cambios and Carnaval!

These week I got transfered!

Right now Im serving in El Torno, or Al Torno, Im not sure which one it is. Im still in the same zone of la guardia. Im serving with Elder Gonzalez. He was in the same district before. This cambio he finished his training so Im his second companion in the field. He only has 3 months out here. He is from Santiago, Chile. Hes really cool and Im going to spend the next 4 days with him stuck in the house so we are going to get to know each other really well. El torno is a really cool zone. Im in the area that is the closest to cochabamba. Theres actually mountains there which I like a lot. Its a really cool area. Starting out in a new area is really hard though. Every person is so sad when they see me. They all say, I miss elder olson so much. Its rought sometimes. 

Also we basically arent going to work at all this week. It is carnaval and everybody is going to be drunk and throwing paint at each other. We arent allow to leave to do anything. We arent even allowed to go to church tomorrow. We have to read all of the book of mormon so that going to be fun.

This zone, a lot of people are really close to baptism but they have other problems. One of them is Dayana. Shes 15 but she doesnt have permission to be batpized. Her father wont let her but her mother is completely fine with it. Hopefully Ill be able to help them out. Also is another joven, I cant remember a good word for that, young man or teenager that is 16 years old. He says he wants to get baptized but just wants to know more. Hes a really good investigator. We also have another recent convert that we are going to need to help a lot. We visited them last night and the father was drunk. It was really sad. Their marriage is pretty close to divorce. I still dont know the area and all the people yet. Im going to start learning a lot more Wednesday when we can work. 

Thats was about all that happened this week though. It was a pretty big week and a big change. But the favorite thing about my house in El Torno is that we actually have air conditioning. I havent felt an air conditioned room in 7 months. It is soooo nice. It really expensive to use so we only use it for 1 hour at night after we plan for the next day. It is so nice. Also, the person who makes us lunch and dinner cooks really well. She made us crepes last night.

Elder Britt

Also yesterday I was stung in the neck by a wasp. I called Sister Zambrano and she told me I had to go to the hospital so that was fun. 

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