Friday, February 27, 2015

Jan 19th, No Subject

This week was really good and went by super fast.

We have had a lot of progress with Silvio Ochoa these past 2 weeks. Ever since we asked him to play us some songs on his guitar hes been a lot more open. I think he really likes sharing his talent with us. Almost every time we visit him now, he plays a song for us. He went to stake confrence yesterday and loved it a lot. Our mission president and a general authority talked. It was a really good meeting and Im super glad he went to it. We are going to try and have his baptism this week, the 24 of January. Hopefully nothing will happen to stop his baptism. 

Also this week we had a Noche de hogar with the family Negrete. Jose Feliciano went to it too. We watched the video about John Tanner and talked about how we have to make sacrificies. It was a really good lessons. I think he liked it a lot. We just have a really big problem where he doesnt want to go to church. Hes really good friends with all the young men and young single adults in the ward. He is always at the church during the week playing soccer. But when its sunday he isnt there. We are going to have to drag him to church one day. 

Thats all that happened this week. Hopefully we can get Silvio ready for Saturday!

Elder Britt

The little kid is the son of the familia guzman. He loves playing in dirt.

With the last picture, we were over at a members house and they kept on telling me, "get on it! get on it!" so I just gave up and got on the horse. They loved it. 

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