Friday, February 27, 2015

Feb 23rd, More Elders!

On Wednesday we recieved more elders in el torno. Our area is sooo big. You can take a bus for 1 hour and 30 minutes and still be in our area. They are going to help us out soo much! Now we have only half of the area we had before. 

Yesterday we had a really cool experience. Yesterday at about 4 the assistants (I cant remember how to spell that anymore) and they told us that we need to call president. We called him and he told us he wanted to come with us to all of our visit from 4 until 6. It was a really awesome. He helped us out A LOT. We have a lot of people that have had some really big problems and he was able to help them out a lot. We visited one person who was really sad because she was ready to be baptized but she legally has 2 husband and cant divorce her other husband because she doesnt have money. He was able to help her out so much, it was really cool. We also visited a recent convert that recent found out she had cancer. She has been really depressed and he was able to help her out a lot. I learned a lot from yesterday.

That was about all that happened this week though. We were stuck in the house until wednesday. I was able to read all of the book of mormon in spanish in 3 days though. It was a good experience. I also grew an awesome mustache during those 3 days. We also made tacos. When we were buying food I just thought, how would my mom make them and bought some stuff and made it. They tasted really good and Im surprised I didnt get sick.

Elder Britt

Also that is a picture of our chapel. Its really small. Its just a room on the second floor of a building. 35 people went to church yesterday and in priesthood it was 4 elders and 4 members. We have a lot of work to do here. Also thats the clock in the church. Its a picture of a Nicolas Cage movie. I thought it was really funny.

Also the picture of the mountain the the background is Angostura. Its about 40 minutes from our house but its really beautiful there.

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