Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct. 6th. Crazy People Here

I wrought a little bit about this guy, Daniel Sanchez, but I cant really remember what I wrought about him. But this guy is so crazy. We went to visit him this week and he said to us in english, With all respect Elders dont return. So we just left him alone for a few days and he called us and apologized and we set up a visit with him. When we went to that visit he told us a story that happened to him recently. He went to go visit his fathers tomb to put flowers there or do something. While he was there he saw a picture of this girl on her tomb. Im not sure how but he said a few moments later he went to the spirit prision and met that girl. He said they talked and then they ended up having sex, in spirit prision... Hes a super good guy but he just needs a lot of help. We mainly visit him to try and help the family. 

This past Tuesday, President had a big breakfast for all the Elders that are new and their trainers. It was really fun to see all my friends from the MTC and hear all the stories and hear how their spanish is doing. The food there was AMAZING. We had pancakes with really good syrup. I liked the food here for about one week then I got super sick of it. Its just rice everyday, for every meal. 

So when I went to go get my shot Thursday, they called us and told us that we needed to go back in, after we had already returned to Montero. Turns out they gave me the wrong shot. I dont know what they gave me the first time. 

This week we have to stay in the house sunday. There are elections here that day and it gets pretty crazy here.

Thats about all this week, Im looking forward to this week. 

Elder Britt

The first picture is Daniel Sanchez.

The second is our last district meeting since transfers are this week. The guy to the right is one of my really good friends here. His mission ends tomorrow, its really sad. 

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