Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 27th. No Subject

This week we had some really good experiences. On Friday night we went to go visit with some less actives to try and get them coming back to church but they werent there, so we went to the house right next to them to just contact. They said that they had been taught by the missionaries before and the guy wanted to get baptized but his wife didn´t want to. But he didnt get baptized because he didnt want to get baptized alone. But when we went back he said that he was ready to be baptized and so was the wife. We should be meeting with them more this week and we will find out more about them this week. 

This week the president came and visited our house, it was pretty weird. We were doing our personal study then he called us and asked if he could come and visit us during out companionship study. He knew that we were struggling in our area because of some stuff that was going on and he helped us out a lot.  He taught us a lot about how to teach better and it was really nice. 

Every Sunday night we have a ward family home evening. After the meeting we went with some ward members to go visit Lidea Ferrel. She has been super sick these past few weeks. When we visited her this past week she said that her body was hurting so much. She had her foot amputated a while back and it got infected really badly and they were going to have to amputate more. When we went last night, we knew she was going to die. She couldnt move or talk anymore. It was really sad. This morning we went back to her house and she passed away. She was the only member in her family so we had a really good opportunity to share Alma 36 with there family and teach them where she is now. I also shared a scripture about the resurection and how she will recieve a perfect body. Their family was super happy, it was a good experience. 

Thats about all that happened this week.

Elder Britt

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