Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 13th. Sick This Week

Not a lot happened this week. Monday I was feeling really sick so after pday my comp and I just stayed in the house. Tuesday I was feeling a little bit better so we went out and worked that day and we gave a lot of blessings that day and worked hard. Then Wednesday we had service and during that I started feeling really sick again so we had to stay home that day too. I get sick here so much that I have earned a new nickname that all the latino Elders call me, vomit boy. Pretty much I get sick here nonstop. Hopefully my stomach will start adjusting. Im feeling a lot better but my comp is sick today so I dont know if we will be able to work today. Sunday was elections here and the entire town was dead. We couldnt leave our houseSaturday night and all of Sunday It was so boring. Somedays I just think, I dont really want to work today. The days where I dont work are the most boring days and go by so slowly. When we are able to work, time goes by so much faster. I hope that this next week will just be a normal week where we get to work a lot.
Right now we have about 3 really good investigators who are progressing really fast. Here, it is really hard to teach the Sabbath Day because everybody here has to work and its really hard to get people not to work. Also marriage is super hard to get people to do. It cost about 200 pesos to get married and about 7000 to get divorced so nobody here wants to get married. The last thing that is pretty hard to teach is the word of wisdom. Everybody here just drinks all the time, all day and ll night. Also, they are all addicted to these leaves called coca leaves. I think its what they make cocain out of but I´m not sure.
Other than that its been a pretty boring week. I´m looking forward to this week, hopefully we will get to work a lot more.
Elder Britt
This is how we did the sacrament when we got stuck in for elections. They canceled all the meetings so we just had to do it at our house. It was slightly weird doing it at our house but thats fine.

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