Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb. 29th, No Subject

So this week was really good for us. We taught the Caldera family
about 4 times this past week. They love it when we go there. We have
been doing everything to help them progress in the gospel. On Saturday,
we gave them a tour in the chapel and taught them with some members.
The members gave some strong testimonies and we could tell that they
were more receptive in the chapel. In the lesson we felt like we
should invite them to baptism with a specific date and they accepted
to be baptized the 2nd of April. When we invited them, Lady told us
that she was already baptized as a child but then started to think and
told us that she didn't understand why they baptize children when they
can't make the decision for themselves. On Sunday they showed up for
church and stayed only for 1 hour but really enjoyed it. They are
progressing really well!

We also found a family trying to contact a reference. They told us that
they were about to get baptized and the elders had transfers and never
went back. There wasn't a record of them in our area book. But they
seemed happy to see us return and we will see how they progress.

Everything is going well in the area. I'm glad that I will be here for
another transfer.

√Člder Britt

The last picture is the Caldera family. We are going to cook something
called masaco this week with them. Its fried banana with cheese. It's
actually pretty good!

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