Friday, February 19, 2016

Feb. 15th, No Subject

So this week went alright for us. We are trying really hard to get
everybody to go to church but its been hard. That's our biggest problem
out here. The people work really hard on Sunday and its hard for them
to have time to go to church but we are going to keep trying to help
everybody go to church.

Time in carnaval was alright. It was very hot and it was full of
studying and cleaning. This Sunday there are going to be elections
here in Bolivia and there is a law that there cant be any meetings
when there are elections or something like that. So that means that
this Sunday we also wont be able to go to church.

The biggest thing right now that is happening in our area is with the
Caldera family still. We were able to teach them about Joseph Smith
and the Book of Mormon. They were really open towards everything.
Viktor already started reading a bit and said he liked it a lot. His
wife, Lady, takes her Book of Mormon to work with her so when she has
some free time she can read it. Things are going really well with
them and the next time we visit them we are going to see if they have
prayed and if they have received their answer.

But that's about all for this week.
√Člder Britt

I haven't sent pictures in a while but a few weeks ago we did another
service where we washed motos again. Something fell in the tank of
water and everybody told me I had to get it.

Also this week we did a service and we had to take down a tree.
Everybody here just cuts wood with their machetes. I've gotten pretty
good at it but while I was doing it this past week I broke the

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