Monday, February 1, 2016

Feb. 1st, No Subject

This was a decent week for us in Riberalta.

This week we had some good lessons with the Caldera family. It's pretty
hard to find them because they work so much but when we can actually
find them, we always have really good lessons with them. This Saturday
we did another service as a zone where we washed motorcycles free and
I had to scream at all the people that we were washing. While I
was yelling at the people, I saw Viktor Caldera pass by. He stopped
and we washed his motorcycle for him. He sounded so positive that he
was going to attend on Sunday but he didn't show up. We were really sad
to see that he didn't make it and we went in the afternoon to see what
happened. He was confused about what time the church started. He
thought it was going to start at 8 at night. We told him it was in the
morning but he must have forgotten. The sad thing is he won't be able
to go to church next week because it's going to be carnival.

We also had a really good experience with the Gonzales family. I've
been working with them since I got here. I've been able to see a big
change in him. We have helped him over come an addiction to alcohol
and make some big changes. Yesterday he was called to serve as
secretary (I'm not sure how to spell this anymore, I hope that's right).
It made me really happy to see that big change in his life.

But this week end is going to be a little boring for us. We will be
inside from Saturday until Tuesday because of carnival. Its a huge
party here in Bolivia that they do for 3 days. Everybody will be
throwing paint and dirt and a lot of people here drink so its better
that we just stay in the house. But in those days that we are going to
be in house, we have to read the entire book of Mormon and clean the
house really well. So I'll be writing Saturday morning so you'll have to
write me Friday night.

But that's about it for this week. Its been good.

√Člder Britt

I would send some pictures but every time I put my flash in the machine
I'm on, I always get a virus, so I'll be sending pictures next week.

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