Monday, February 22, 2016

Feb. 22nd, Elections

So this week we were stuck in the house for another 3 days. There were
some elections in Bolivia and Friday morning they told us that we had
to stay in the house until Sunday. So we weren't able to do anything
for those few days. Another weekend we had to stay in the house.

But also we couldn't work too much in my area this week. Elder Casas,
the companion of Elder Howard who we live with, had to go to Trinidad
to do some paperwork for his passport so we were stuck in trio. We
spent half the day working in my area and the other half of the day
working in the area of the other elders.

We were able to have two good family home evenings this past week. We
had it with the Ribas family. Our branch president came with us and we
had a good lesson. We taught about how we can become converted to the
gospel of Jesus Christ trying to help him understand what he needs to
do to have his own testimony. He understands what he has to do, he
just needs to act now.

That's about all that happened in this week. But some funny things
happened this week too. The Ribas family and Gonzales family both got
new dogs and they both named it Britt in my honor. So now there are
going to be 2 little dogs running around in Bolivia with the name
Britt. It made me laugh so hard haha.

Elder Britt

Also this week we went to cut the grass for a retirement home in
the city. It was a good service!

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