Monday, December 28, 2015

Dec. 28th, No Subject

So this week we saw a lot of progression in one of the less active
families we are teaching and in the branch.

So first off with the family we are teaching. We have been teaching
the Gonzales family ever since I got to this area. They have always
been really nice with us and always accept us. Right now they have a
daughter that is serving in Colombia and they were able to talk with
them for Christmas. I think that whatever she told her family really
motivated them to start going to church again. They told us that there
goal is to go to the temple with their daughter when she gets back in
a year. We had a small lesson with them yesterday and the brother
asked us if we could fast with him this week. We are going to work
really hard with them to help them to go back to church and hopefully
this fast goes well with him this next week.

So yesterday we had a really good branch council too. So when we first
got here we would ask people to come with us for a visit or to visit
somebody specifically. It would almost always fall through. But now
the leaders are starting to complete with their asignments and are
starting to get excited about the work out here. We also have a family
that is also going through a lot of problems, the Chuquimia family.
One of them suggested that we could do a fast for them to help them.

It made me really happy to see the progession this past week. The work
out here in Riberalta is going well!

Elder Britt

To explain a little about the pictures.

The first one I finally got to hold a monkey. It was really hard to
get it but I finally got its trust and could hold it.

The second is one of my favorite members, Mario. He always takes us
places in his moto. We just have to find another mototaxi and he takes
us places. Thats how we get around out here.

The third is were we sang for Christmas eve. All of the zone sang.

And the last few are some animals of the members here. They liked to
climb up on my back and should and in one of the pictures one started
biting my ear. They are really cool!

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