Monday, December 21, 2015

Dec. 21st, Christmas

So time has passed by really quickly this week. On Tuesday my comp had
to travel to a city in Bolivia called Trinidad. He had to go do
some paper work of his passport and so that left me in a trio with the
other 2 elders from my branch. It was nice because I was able to visit
with some of the members from the other area. But I couldn't work in my
area for about 3 days.

This week was full of activities in the branch and district. We
had 2 talent shows, one for the branch and one for the district. We
had to perform something in the two of them. In both of them, we sang a
hymn and in the district talent show we did a short skit. Both
of them went pretty well and some of our less actives went.

We have been working a lot with the Ribas family. We are trying
really hard to reactivate the wife and set a baptism date for the
husband. They both like learning about the gospel but they just need to
go to church every week. We are working a lot with the branch
president here. We have been visiting a lot of the less actives with
him and the people we usually visit with him go to church the next
week. We have also been having meetings every Tuesday night, its almost
like a second branch meeting. As missionaries, we help the leaders know
what they need to do, how to visit other members and help them with
the questions they have. Right now the leaders are having a little bit
of problems so we have decided to help the leaders and that will help
us strengthen the branch and that will allow us to help more less
actives and new investigators.

This week should be really good. Some of the members have already
invited us over to do things with them for Christmas. It always amazes
me to see how little some of the members have and how much they are
willing to give us. The members here are amazing.

That's about all that happened this week!

Elder Britt

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