Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept. 28th, Dengue and Kidney Stones

So this week was a pretty boring week. My comp and I both got sick this week. On Monday we were going to leave to work after p-day and my comp told me he felt pretty sick and hurt. So we went to the hospital and they told him he had kidney stones. They told him he had to rest until Thursday. So on Tuesday I went on exchanges with my district leader so that we could go to some of our visit we had planned. But on Wednesday I stayed in the house with my comp. Thursday we went out and worked normally. We had a good activity that night and a lot of members went. We had some new investigators go. We played a game and then I shared a message about putting on the armor of God.

But that night I started feeling really sick and then went to the hospital on Friday. They did a blood exam and told me that I had dengue. Its a horrible sickness that's from mosquitoes. Pretty much I just layed in bed Friday until Sunday looking at the wall because I couldn't move. Dengue just makes your entire body hurt and you don't really want to move. My arms just felt so heavy that I couldn't lift them.  I went to church on Sunday but it was hard to be there for 3 hours with it. I'm still a little sick with it. Only my arms and chest hurt now so Ill be able to work tonight!
It was a pretty boring week to just be in the house. I really hope that we will be able to work hard this week. I had a lot of time to study though which was nice.
Elder Britt

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