Monday, March 30, 2015

Mar 30th, New Comp!

This week was really weird. It was the week of transfers but my comp got his transfer monday, 3 days earlier. So I was without a comp until thursday so I went on an intercambio with the leaders of the zone. It was really good I learned a lot of things, especially how to teach better. We also found a looooot of crazy people in their zone. We had one lesson were it was just a family fighting the whole time so that was a really good lesson. But on Thursday my new comp arrived to El Torno. He is elder Zadlívar. His family is from argentina. The funny thing is, is that his sister is on the disctrict 2 which is really funny. A lot of people give him crap for it but its kinda funny. Hes a really good missionary and has 18 months in his mission.

But we have seen a lot of progress this week in el torno. We havent been able to work that much but a lot of things have happened. Our investigator, Dayana almost has permission to be baptized. Her father was telling her that she has to wait a really long time to be baptized but now hes thinking about giving her permission. Her father also started reading the book of mormon which is really good and started to cry when he read it. He is starting to change a lot. I hope that we will be able to help all of her family and not only dayana. We also had a family night with them from about how families can be together forever and he was a really good lesson. 

We also had a really good visit with our branch president. He gave us a lot of names of less actives that arent on out list. We are going to try and contact all of those this week.

Also yesterday was elections, so we werent allowed to leave and they didnt have church. So out of all the days this week, we worked 3 days in our area.

That was about all that happened this week but we are going to start working really hard as new comps. Hes a really good guy and Im really looking forward to this new cambio. Im not sure what that mission term is in english.

Elder Britt

Im going to try and explain some of the photos.

Some members gave us some honey comb which was really good. At first I thought it was just a moldy brownie. 

My comp did that thing that I was doing on the rings so the family was like you have to do it too. So I did it and took a photo! 

the next one is a salteña. They are really good. They are full of juice and meat. 

The next is the elder that I had an intercambio with for a few days, Elder Flores. 

The other are families in the ward, the family montenegro and durán.

The next is a cool statue i found. 

The invitation was one that is really funny. We went to go print photos and on the window they had a ton of examples of things that they can do. I was like wait, thats the temple from utah. I think they jsut went onto the internet and found that. I thought it was really funny. 

The next is an activity that we had that was really fun.

The next was this morning when we were leaving!

Lots of photos this week!

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