Monday, April 6, 2015

Apr 6th, No Subject

This week was super good. It was really fun watching all of the general confrence. We were able to watch all of it in english. We werent able to watch it the priesthood session at all because we live 1 hour from the stake center and it started at 8 so we had to be in our house at that time. But it was really good. One of my favorite talks from the session was in the Saturday afternoon by Elder Wilfrod Anderson when he compared the gospel to music. That talk was really good and I liked it a lot.

This week was really crazy. We had a lot of crazy experiences, some spiritual and other not so much. First off, all the people in El Torno are crazy religious. We saw a lot of people this week carrying giant crosses and then a bunch of people behind them follow them. It was really weird. A lot of people were really drunk this week so it was kind of hard to have lessons. 

We also found a really good investigator this week. We were contacting and we made a visit to come back in a few days and visit with all of their family. We came back and woman we talked to wasnt there but her husband was. We never even talked to him before and he just told us to come in he got 3 chairs for us and we sat down and talked. It was really weird but he is really interested in the gospel. We are going to have another lesson with him tomorrow!

But thats about all that happened this week

Elder Britt 

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