Friday, January 2, 2015

Dec 22nd, Feliz Navidad

This week has been pretty good.

On Wednesday I got sick, again. It wasnt anything to serious but we couldnt work that day. I think I just ate some bad chicken.

Yesterday was a really good day for the mission. We all got together in the second ring of Santa Cruz and went to a park a sung. Each zone sung a different song and it was really good. We sang O Little Town of Bethlehem and Come Thou Fount. Then as a mission we sung O Holy Night. It was really fun and it was a big success. There was a really good turn out for it. Im not sure if our investigators were there but we did see a lot of people from our ward and I think our less actives went. I didnt even feel like it was Christmas until we went to that park and saw all the lights and all the Christmas activities going on. Sadly my camera died so I didnt get any good pictures of it. 

This week has been really dificult to meet with people in our area. All of our investigators are either traveling or just really busy. Jose Feliciano went some where up north and wont be returning till next week. Hes been progressing really well, we just need to get him to start coming to church. 

We really havent been able to do much work this week because of Christmas. We have had so many visits set and then they either arent there or they call us 30 minutes before and cancel. I think we will be going over to Ivans on Christmas to share a message about Christmas with his family. I also think we will be visiting a lot of members this week and ask them for refrences. Also, tomorrow we are getting together as mission and going to a buffet and eating a lot of super good foor. After, we are going to go watch the Christmas devotional in a chapel. Its going to be really fun!

Im super excited to call home this week, its going to be so great!

Thats about all this week, 
Elder Britt

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