Friday, January 2, 2015

Dec 29th. Christmas!

This week went really well. 

On Tuesday we had a dinner with all of the Elders. It was really nice being able to talk with all of the Elders who were in Montero. They also gave us the Devotional and Él es la Dádiva as presents. 

Christmas day went really well. In the morning, all of the Elders and sister went caroling to some of our investigatores in the area. After we had a really big lunch with the family Espada. After we went and skyped with our family in the family Paravicinis house. And thats all we did Christmas day. 

We havent been able to visit a lot of our investigatores. We did meet with Ivan and Paula. He is getting a lot better with the word of wisdom and is becoming really close to baptism. We set his baptism for the 24th of January. We are going to have a Noche Blanca where everybody in the area tries to prepar their investigators to be baptized in one day. Its just going to be a really big baptism service. Hopefully Ivan, Paula, and Jose will be ready by then. 

Elder Britt

Ill send a lot of photos of Christmas next week. I forgot the thing to send pictures. 

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