Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15th, No Subject

This week was an average week out here. We werent able to meet with the family Pastrana this week. If we talk to the wife, she always says, oh we are super busy, some other day and she always rejects us. If we talk to the husband, he always lets us in and loves to talk. Its really hard to talk to the husband, so thats why we could visit them. We have a visit with them tomorrow so Im looking forward to that. 

Jose Feliciano is doing really good though. He wasnt able to go to church though, he was in Montero yesterday. He is becoming really active in the ward and I think hes enjoying it a lot. He has made a lot of friends in the ward and they are always inviting him to go play soccer and things like that. Hes been progressing a lot and accepted his baptism date for the 3rd of January.

Ivan and Paula are doing really good too. Ivan went to church yesterday and told us he loved it. He told us he was still struggling leaving the coca and that he really hasnt progressed in that. We are trying to visit him everyday to make sure hes not doing that and hopefully that will help him. 

Not much has happened this week besides that. We have been doing a lot of contacting this past week. We have these cards for Él es la Dádiva and we have gotten a lot of contacts with that.

Well thats about all thats happen.

Elder Britt

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