Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct. 19th, No Subject

This week was a pretty good week. We were extremely busy. The biggest
thing that happened was a child died in one of the less active
families we are teaching, the Maniguari family. It was really sudden
that this kid died. He was only one. It was extremely sad for me to
see the eyes of this mother. I will never forget how sad she was. We
are trying very hard to help her feel better and to teach the entire
family the plan of salvation.

Then in church I had a pretty hard experience. Right now we are
teaching Jimmy and it turns out hes pretty much a "Preacher" for
another church. He went to church a lot yesterday and they jsut talked
about temples. Inbetween meetings I explained a little about temples
and he just straight up told me, I dont believe in temples, the bible
says we just need to pray in our room to God and thats all I need to
do to get closer to God. I find it intresting though that he went to
church and Ill have to see if he progresses. At the end of the meeting
he pulled me into a room and asked me some personal advice. He told me
the night before had drunk beer and that in 2 hours he had to give a
talk in his church about avoiding sins. It was a really weird
experience for me to try and concil him. In the end he liked what I
said and was going to apply it. He is living with some less actives
right now and is helping them a lot with some problems they are
having, which is good for us.

Our other investigators havent really progressed too much this past
week. Mainly we couldnt find them and teach them. Hopefully this week
we will be able to find them. Also transfer are tomorrow night. I
think that Ill stay here though. I find it crazy that Ive already been
in Riberalta for a transfer.

Thats about all.
Elder Britt

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