Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13th, The Pope!

So this week we had a lot of things happen that made it so we couldnt work. First off, the Pope came and everybody almost died here. Almost everybody asked us if we were going to see him. He came on Thursday but we werent able to work wednesday and thursday. Then last night we were walking to a visit that we had on the other side of our area and all the lights went out. The lights were out from 7 until 9. Our zone leaders just told us to go home because it was dangerous and even if we did find somebody to teach we just would have been talking to them in darkness. But with all of the things that happened this week, we had a really good week and a lot of lessons. We found a lot of old investigatores this week and started teaching them again. Yesterday 4 of our investigatores came to church which is a ton for this area. We also had a lot of help from one member this week. His name is Hermano Domingo. In english it would be Brother Sunday. Hes a really good member here. Hes about the only person in our branch that will come with us to visit our investigatores. He is always willing to come with us, pretty much every day, 6 untill 9. He really helped us this week and we had a lot of good lessons with him.

So this week we had a few hard lessons. We had some more lessons with the Polanco family. He asked us a lot of questions this week again but I was able to answer a lot of them. Then we had another lesson with la hermana Gaisa. Shes our new investigator that lives in Angostura. Her husband recently left her. Or thats what she thinks. He was suppose to come home from work about a week ago and he didnt come home and she said that he blocked her number in his cellphone. So from all of that she thinks that he left her. It was a really hard lesson. I was just thinking the entire time what I could share with her to help her. I shared 1 nephi 18. I just thought about a confrence talk that talked about being grateful and that being grateful will help us with all of our problems that we have. I shared with her verses 15 and 16 how nephi was about to die while he was on the boat traveling here but he still praised God. I think we were able to help her a lot. She came to church the next day and looked pretty happy. 

This week went really well. This week we already have a lot of visits planned so I think this week will be good!

Elder Britt

Also I tried to start cooking this week a bit. I bought some meat and cooked it. It tasted pretty good actually. I thought you would be pretty proud. Also I started cooking pancakes for breakfast and they were really bad at first but I can cook them pretty well!.

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