Friday, April 17, 2015

Apr 13th, No Subject

This week went by really fast.
On Thursday night my comp woke me up and told me he was feeling really sick. He was shaking a lot. So we decided to wait till the morning to go to the hospital and it turns out he has some crazy new disease from a mosquito. So we havent really been able to work a lot this week because of that but he has been getting a lot better. Ive had a lot of person study time this week and learned a lot it wasnt too bad being stuck in the house.
This week we did find an old investigator, Alex. We taught him about the atonement and it was really powerful. We taught him almost everyday this week when we were able to work. Everytime we were making another visit he told us that he wanted us to come back tomorrow. He has a lot of bad feeling about the things that he did and we taught him about the atonement and how he can be free from all the bad feelings that he has. Im pretty sure that was the biggest reason why he wanted us to come teach him so much. His face was amazing when we taught him that lesson. It was a really good lesson.
This week we should also be having 2 baptisms on Saturday. They were kind of a surprise baptism. We are going to baptize 2 kids that are 9 and 8. Their mom just got to bolivia and they didnt have permission to get baptized. So when she got here she told us that she wanted them to get baptized and so we pretty much taught them all the lessons this week too.
Also, our investigator Dayana is progressing really well. Now we are able to focus in her family. We are now able to visit with her father. Missionaries have been trying to visit with him for over a year and now he is finally listening to us. His biggest doubt was about the missionaries. He thought that we were just really weird people and that we were really young. We are going to have a lesson with him tonight, even though my comp is really sick, and we are going to explain to him the book of mormon. Dayana told us that he had a lot of doubts about the book of mormon, where it came from, and Joseph Smith. This lesson is going to be really important so I hope it goes alright.
Thats about all that happened this week,
Elder Britt
There are also a lot of people in el torno with mud ovens. I feel like this place is a few hundred years behind.
My comp in the hospital too! 

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