Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec 1st, Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving out here is super boring. I saw a turkey so thats how I celebrated (but I see those everyday). This week was a little difficult meeting with our investigators again. Everybody was super busy.

We did have some funny lessons though. We went to visit a less active family called Portocarrero. We were going to share them a message about Christmas and invite them to share with their friends about Christ. We told them about how our message would be about Christmas. He went off for like 10 minutes about how he hates Christmas and how families just are together for that time but arent like that the rest of the year. Then my comps just like, well, we are out of time and left. It was about a 10 minute visit.  

We saw a lot of progression in Ivan and Paula. We were expecting him to come to church yesterday, but he didnt. Im pretty sure he will come next week. He loves reading the gospel principles. He reads a chapter everyday and loves learning more about the gospel. I really think going to church last week helped his testimony a lot. He started tearing up when he started talking about the hymns. Hes really progressed a lot. I think hes getting pretty close to baptism. 

This week we have been doing a lot of street contacting. We have been handing out a lot of cards that says El es la dádiva or He is the gift. I think we will get a few good investigatores doing that!

Elder Britt 

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