Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 30th, No Subject

This week was pretty good for us. We had a lot of weird stuff happen and some funny stories. I guess I'll start off with the funny story. So we were contacting looking for some less actives that the ward wanted us to find and we found this guy who let us into his house. He told us a lot of weird things but I think one of the weirdest things he told us was that Joseph Smith didn't die and is alive in a castle in France. I told him how he died and he was like, well we know that Christ died because that happened 2,000 years ago but we don't know that Joseph Smith died because that only happened 200 years ago. That's usually how visits go when we find people contacting. I thought it was funny because he was trying the entire time to convince us that. 

But the good things that happened was we had a great activity in the ward that we planned called Calle 7. It's a game show here like wipeout but just a little poorer. But there was a ton of people there. There was more people there than there is at church on Sunday. We just did small games like tug of war, 3 legged races, and the water balloon tosses. But it was good because we had some investigators go that we have been trying to help go to church on Sundays. Normally if they go to activity during the week, it's more likely that they go to church on Sunday. But it was really rough controlling all of the little kids. There was a few times that ALL the kids were chasing me because I had a bag of suckers. They were impossible to control but in the end everybody had a good time. 

Right now we are planning a marriage which is going really well. They both are very excited for their marriage and for their baptism. The people in our area are progressing pretty well.

But that's about all for this week,
Elder Britt

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