Monday, March 28, 2016

Mar. 28th, No Subject

This week passed by very quickly. Each day we had really big
activities. We started teaching english classes every Wednesday now
and on Friday we had a big activity for Easter. But this entire week
we were working very hard with the Caldera family. We had to finish a
lot of lessons with them and they had the interviews on Thursday. It
was a really good experience for Hna Lady. She left the interview
crying really hard. She felt very happy to be baptized and that she
would be able to be cleaned from some things she did in the past. The
person that interview her, who is the first counsler in the mission,
told us that she was prepared since the premortal life to be members
of the church and that they will become great leaders in the church.

 They had a great baptism service on Saturday. We did the baptism with
another branch here and there was a ton of people in the baptism
service. They told us that they could feel the love of the members. I
baptized hno victor and my comp baptized hna lady.

But that's about all that happened this week.

Love you guys.

Elder Britt

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