Monday, March 14, 2016

Mar. 14th, No Subject

This week was a really good week for us.

On Thursday afternoon we flew from Riberalta to go to Santa Cruz.
President invited us to go to a meeting there. It was a very rushed
day because they wanted us to pretty much go right to the meeting then
return to our área so we could get back to work. But it was a really
good meeting. We learned more about how to find people to teach and
there was a lot we could apply to our área. I always really enjoy the
meetings that I have with President Zambrano.

Also this week we are still seeing the Caldera family progress a lot.
This week we taught them about the Word of wisdom and they accepted it
pretty well. Lady only drinks coffee to stay awake at work and Viktor
just drinks tea because he likes it. They showed up for church really
early and were excited to be there. They had to go early because one
day earlier she got a wisdom tooth taken out and it was hurting her
prettly badly. It was funny, this week she told us about the first
time we went to visit them. The first lesson we had was just with
Viktor and she was in the back. She was furious with Viktor that he
let the “mormons” in. But he told her to just give us a chance and she
was with us in the second lesson and told us that she really enjoyed
what we shared with them.  They are progressing really well.

But that's about all that's happened.  We are just trying really hard to
work with that family and find more to teach.
Élder Britt

There is a big difference between my plack and a new guys plack.
Riberalta has made my plack become super red from all the dust that's
out here.

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