Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan. 18th, No Subject

So this week was really good for us in Palmeras 2. This week, Elder
Fernandez got transfered and Im still in riberalta. He was the first
comp that Ive had for more than one transfer. But my new companion is
Elder Urbina. Hes from Honduras. Hes really good from what I can tell
and teaches really well. He has 7 months in the mission but is already
a really good Elder.

So this week we had a good lesson with Angel Ribas. We talked about
his baptism date again and he got nervous. He said if he felt ready
for February 20th he would get baptized which is really good. But
right now, we need to help him with the word of wisdom, the law of
chastity, and going to church every sunday. He told us that he
realizes that if he is going to get baptized that he needs to makes
the changes in his life and that they are important changes. Right now
we are going to focus on those 3 problems that he has and hopefully he
will be ready for that date.

Tonight we are going to have a really good Family Night with one of
our less actives. Joseluis Pinto told us that he is going to invite 2
families to come to this family night. He told us that he wanted us to
teach about Joseph Smith because they have some questions. So
hopefully we will have 2 new families progressing.

But thats about all thats going on here. We are still helping the
branch function. We are doing a lot of the work here. The members are
starting to help us more and more.

Elder Britt

So the picture with the family is probably one of my favorite families
here. They are about the only members here who have gone to the
temple. Theyre the Chuqui family, you say it like chucky. We are
helping the guy on the far right to go back to church.

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