Monday, January 11, 2016

Jan. 11th, No Subject

So this week was pretty good for us! It flew by. We were able to do a
lot of good things this week.

We found a new less active we started teaching named John. He has a
lot of problems right now, especially with the law of chastity. He
said that he wanted to change and to fix the problems. He asked us how
he could change because he always has wanted to change but hasn't ever
been strong enough to do it. But we shared with him Mosiah 3:19 and
told him that he needs to use the atonement and to follow the
impression of the spirit and we will make small changes over time.

Then we got really close to putting a baptismal date for the Hermano
Angel Ribas. He told us that he wants to get baptized and before he
didn't really care to get baptized. But when we started talking about a
specific date he got nervous and didn't accept the date. Right now we
are just going to try and show him why baptism would be important in
his life and how it will make him better. We hope with that he will be
able to accept a specific date.

We also found a new investigator who has a lot of potential to
progress. The Caldera family. His family is very important to him,
which is pretty rare here. The reason why he wanted to hear from us
was because his family was slowely seperating and he was looking for
something to help them be more united. He has been really receptive to
the teachings and hopefully he will progress a lot. Right now he hasn't
gone to church but I think there's a good chance he will go this week.

We have been seeing a lot of good things in our área. The members are
doing good with their callings and more members are returning to the

That's about all this week.
Elder Britt

One of the pictures was of a new member, Roger. He has been going to
our branch for over a year because he is Friends with the Rivera
family. He finally accepted to get baptized. It was a very spiritual
baptismal service. Hes going to be a great member.

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