Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th, No Subject

This week was really good. We did have some hard time finding people to teach this week. A lot of people told us to just come back tomorrow and we couldnt find them.

We did start teaching a part member family this week. They are the palacio family. The husband is a really old less active and her wife is an investigator that comes to church almost every week. We have tried visiting them so many times but the husband is a taxi driver that works almost all day. But finally we were able to find them. We had a really powerful lesson with them and we were able to visit them 2 times this week. I think we will finally be able to teach them now.

We also have been able to visit a lot with alex. we have started to read the book of mormon with him. We leave just one chapter for him to read and the next day we come back and hes read like 4 chapters. He is progressing really well. Im pretty sure he will be baptized if we can just get the permission from his parents. 

We are still trying to contact a lot in this area but its pretty hard. We can almost always get a visit with somebody to come back and teach them but they are almost never there. We did get a lot of references to a lot of less actives and part member families yesterday in ward council.

I'm looking forward to this week! 

Elder Britt

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