Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18th, No Subject

This week was really good. We started the rainy and cold season here. Its pretty difficult to have lessons in that weather but we did pretty well!

We had some really good lessons this week with Alexander. He is progressing really well and I think he will get baptized. We leave him 1 chapter to read in the book of mormon and when we come back the next day he has read 4 chapters. He loves us visiting him and he wants us to visit him almost everyday. He is one of the best investigatores Ive had. He even told us that he wants to do what we do and preach, or he wants to go on a mission. If we can get permission from his parents. He will for sure get baptized. 

We also had branch conference yesterday. It was really nice because a lot of the leaders from the stake came. I was able to see a lot of people from my old area which was really nice. We also had a really good branch conference. A lot of the less actives came to it. 

Thats about all the big news. We are still visiting with luisa y aurelio. They are progressing really well still but they dont really want to come to church. Hopefully we can get them to come next week.

Thats all that really happened this week. We are going to go to a zoo in Santa Cruz. I feel really weird wearing jeans and a shirt again!

Elder Britt

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