Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 8th. This Place is Crazy

The people here are nuts. A few days ago we were teaching a guy, turns out hes a pimp and is pimping out his own niece. Then when we were teaching another person, her kid starts crying, so while im teaching the importance of the sacrament she just starts breast feeding her child, it was a super tough lesson after that. 

Last night was pretty rough for me, my stomach is having a hard time adjusting here. We stayed home yesterday because I was feeling super sick but at about 6 I started feeling better so we went out. About 5 minutes into walking to a house, I started throwing up, so we went to a members house that was close by and my comp and him gave me a blessing. Then I just went out and started teaching more. We taught the family Choque that night. They are a super good family interested in the gospel. We taught about the Joseph Smith and they understood everything. I thought I was going to die during that lesson because I felt super sick but its fine.

On Wednesday we decided to go and do some service in the morning for a member. On the way back we were stopped by police asking us for our passports. Of course the first time they ask for it I didnt have it. Because we were out doing service I decided not to bring my bag which has the copy of my passport, luckily my comp had his. So they were wanting to take us to santa cruz for some reason. Then my comp said that we were going to call our lawyer and right when he said that they left us alone. Everybody here tries to take advantage of us. It gets pretty annoying. Whenever I take a mototaxi some where, they always try and overcharge me. I have to pretty much yell at them that I know the price and Im not paying them more and then they leave me alone.

Love Elder Britt

Also, thats the showerhead here, if I touch it while Im taking a shower or any metal, I get shocked... But at least I have hot water.

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