Friday, August 22, 2014

Aug 22nd. One Month Out

It seems crazy that I have been gone for 1 month. It seems like yesterday I was just leaving home and getting set apart. The time here is going very very fast. Im pretty sure itll go even faster. 

So latino companions are interesting. I like my companion. He talks extremely quiet and super fast. I didnt know what he was saying for about 5 days. It was pretty rough for me. Ive gotten a lot better at understanding him though. The hardest part of spanish for me is just understanding what the natives say. It just sounds like the slur all their words together. I can the president just fine. Other latinos are pretty rought to have as companions sometimes though. My friend, Elder willes, said that all his companion does is tell him how bad of a missionary he is so I guess im pretty lucky. 

Oh so last time I forgot to write about my thumb. I jammed it really badly playing volleyball. The bruise spread to the palm of my hand and it has been swollen for about 2 weeks now and hasnt gotten any better. There is a doctor coming tonight to the CCM to look at it. Ill have to tell you how it goes.

We went proselyting yesterday. We got a total of 6 contacts. We would just wait outside a grocrey store and wait for people to be carrying a lot of stuff then we would off to go and help. As we walked we would just talk about the gospel to them and stuff, it worked pretty well. 

So I was talking to a latino who is from Santa Cruz Bolivia. He scared the crap out of me. HE told us about all the insects and animals down there. So pretty much mosquitoes are everywhere down there, which was I was already expecting. Then there are giant spiders and he said he would wake up and they would be crawling on him some mornings. Cockroaches bite down there and if you get bitten, youre going to get sick. There are a lot of monkies down there and they will just come up to you and steal stuff out of your pockets. There are giant anaconda snakes down there. Its going to be a super scary place but Im ready to leave. I only have 3 more days here. I leave monday night. Im ready to go.

Love Elder Britt

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