Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Aug 13th. First Proselyting.

Proselyting was pretty tough. I was actually able to go 2 times this week. On Tuesday we usually go to the temple but it was closed for cleaning so we went out proselyting again. Friday was extremely hard for proselyting. We couldn't get anybody to stop and talk to us, they would all just say they were too busy or just completely ignore me. The very first person we went up too gave us their contact info so that was pretty nice. So many people said that they were catholic and didn't really want to change, which is what I figured would happen here. While we were out though there was this little kid bleeding a lot, he got hit in the head with a soccer ball and his nose was bleeding everywhere. My companion and I was able to help him out and get him to stop bleeding and we were able to clean him up. We were also walking in this area and there were just army people carrying around AK-47s. We decided to get out of there pretty quickly. I think it was also tough because we were both a little scared to go up to people and talk to them in spanish. I could not understand a single thing when they would talk though, they spoke extremely fast and just slurred their words together. We got a total of 4 peoples contact information though. Yesterday when we went, we were a lot better. We were able to talk to a lot more people and it seemed like a lot more people were intrested but we only got 2 peoples contact info. I had a really good time with both experinces, I cant wait to do it in bolivia.

Monday night all the Elders who got here 2 weeks before I did left. It was a pretty sad night, I became pretty good friends with a lot of the Elders in that group and a lot of people were crying. Im going to stay in contact with a few of the Elders.

Yesterday, I was able to go on tour of this place in Columbia. It's called the Cathedral of Salt. The miners built it because they wanted to pray that they would be safe or something like that, I couldn't understand a lot of it because it was in spanish. They hold church there one week out of the year. It was huge and an aweomse experince. I can't get my camera to work on this computer so I'll have to try next week to try and share them.

Thats pretty much been the only exciting thing here. Oh I also am getting a new companion for the last 2 weeks at the MTC, I get a latino companion. Im pretty sure he is going to hate me because I do not know enough spanish to talk to him at all.

Love Elder Britt

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